Linguine with artichokes and shrimps


Leonardo Pellacani

Other Ingredients

500 g Linguine

100 g fresh cherry tomatoes

30 g seeds of sesame

one clove Garlic

to taste Fresh parsley

to taste pepper

to taste salt

Immerse the shrimps in cold water for some minutes.
Cook the linguine al dente in plentiful salted water.
In the meanwhile, brown a pressed clove of garlic with some of extra virgin olive oil in a casserole.
Add the chopped parsley and the shrimps. Brown for some minutes.
Add the tomatoes, cut in halves, the Giudia style artichokes in slices and the Gransalsa artichokes hearths.
Season to taste and continue the cooking.
In a non-stick pan, toast the seeds of sesame until they take colour.
Drain the linguine and sauté in the mixture.
Complete with a drop of extra virgin oil, a pinch of chopped parsley and of toasted sesame.

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