Three rice mix with winter vegetables

Three rice mix with winter vegetables

150 gr Broccoli
150 gr Pumpkin
150 gr Pomegranate
150 gr Leek
100 gr Pineapple
60 gr Feta cheese
Fresh beansprouts
Salt and pepper

Cook the 3 rice mix in a large amount of salted water. Wash and cut the pumpkin, the broccoli, the leek and the pineapple into small pieces and bake them in the oven with a drop of olive oil at 180°C for about ten minutes, until they brown (they can also be lightly fried). Prepare the pomegranate seeds, the diced feta cheese and the thinly sliced beetroot. Strain the rice and add a drop of olive oil. Add the baked vegetables, the feta, the pomegranate and mix delicately. Add salt and pepper to taste. Prepare the base in a serving plate with the beetroot, add the dressed rice and decorate with fresh beansprouts. Serve warm.


Chef Barbara Benvenuti

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