Maurizio Ferrari

Other Ingredients

q.s. Stail Bread

q.b. Sal & Pepper

10 g. Pomegranate Vinegar

q.s. Garlic

1 thin slice Bread

q.s. Mustard Greens

60 g. Fresh Tuna

q.b. Sesame Seeds

q.s. Fresh Coriander

Prepare the coriander oil, blanch the leaves in boiling water for 10 seconds, then cool them in ice water, drain, dry well and blend them with extra virgin olive oil, filter everything and put it into a bottle. In a oven toast the slice of bread seasoned with oil and salt. Chop the tuna with a knife and season it with salt, pepper, oil and sesame seeds, keep it refrigerated. Prepare the soup by blending the Pomodorina with the stale bread, the extra virgin olive oil, the pomegranate vinegar and the garlic until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Place a pastry mold in the center of a plate and fill it with the seasoned tuna tartare; pour the cold soup around the tartare, remove the pastry mold, garnish with coriander oil, a few mustard grens leaves and the toast bread.