About us

From tradition to development

Menù s.r.l. is a leading producer of food specialities for the catering industry including condiments, sauces and pastes, mushrooms, pasta dishes, ready meals, cake and dessert mixes. The company has always tried to account for changing tastes with new products whilst ensuring constant use of quality ingredients, processing hygiene and packaging safety. A search for quality guaranteed at all times, from the selection of fresh product to particular care for the customer.
Menù is not only strict in the way it applies laws governing food production using highly innovative technologies; it also uses highly professional staff, state of the art technology and control procedures.
Without neglecting the creativeness and capacity of chefs who try out Menù's products every day, in order to propose increasingly original recipes.

Production methods

All Menù specialities are produced without preservatives and under the strictest control conditions. Cooking after packaging enhances flavour just like in a pressure cooker.
Ingredients are sourced locally from the Emilia countryside and from the major Italian and overseas food markets.
The production cycle in terms of care, attention and cooking methods is nothing more than the normal workings of a traditional family kitchen.
Consolidated technologies and high-productivity machinery provide a vital support for our chefs to ensure a high level of production without compromising quality. Recipes are based on the traditions of home cooking without ignoring the production of delicacies for the more refined palate.
Menù was one of the first companies in Italy to use aseptic sterilization systems to ensure products of inimitable quality and freshness.

A state of the art warehouse

26 meters high, 46 meters wide with a single aisle, 29000 pallet posts, it is one of the largest warehouses in Italy. It boasts a special design with a round dome and large exposed pillars tapering towards the top. 1000 poles, 22 meters long, stuck into the ground, hold up the weight, making it steady under any loading condition and ensuring safety on a ground which otherwise would be unable to hold up such loads.
All the automation is highly innovative, quick and efficient, but at the same time safe and earthquake proof. Cooling of the first two levels (with a total of 6.000 pallets) has a controlled temperature (18/20°C). Management is completely computerized and carried out by one person only.
6 machines work in double column and with tandem movement with energy recovery when braking, guided by computers which manage the movements with logics which respect the shelf life of the products.

Watch the video of the building shot by a drone!