Tempura stuffed artichokes


Giovanni Pace

Other Ingredients

q.s. Salt

5 Ice cubes

480 g. Sparkling water

1 L. Sunflower seed oil

100 g. Corn Starch

500 g. Flour

q.b Pepper

500 g. Buffalo mozzarella

Serve 6

Carefully drain the artichokes from their  liquid and place them upside down on a sheet of absorbent paper for a few minutes. Finely chop the mozzarella, mix it with the previously chopped anchovies and season with cracked pepper. Stuff the artichokes with the mixture and set them aside. In the meantime, prepare the tempura by mixing the flour, cornstarch, sparkling water and ice cubes. Transfer the mixture obtained in the refrigerator. Heat up the oil , dip the artichokes into the butter and fry them for few minutes until they have a nice golden color. Transfer the fried artichokes on a paper towel to remove excess oil, season with salt and serve them hot.