Calamarata pasta with withe wine seafood sauce


Leonardo Pellacani

Other Ingredients

1 Large Prawn

40 g. Mussels

q.s. Chili Pepper

q.s. Garlic

q.s. Fresh parsley

80 g. Calamarata pasta

q.s. White wine

Serve 1

Cook the calamarata pasta in boiling salted water. In a pan add a tbsp of evoo and flavour it with a clove of garlic, then add the cleaned prawn. Lightly sear it and set aside, it will then be used for the garnish. In the meantime, put the drained Emaremix in a pan and toss it with oil and a garlic clove. Remove the garlic and deglaze with white wine. Add in the mussels and clams, the fresh chilli and the emaremix liquid, thicken it with a little white roux and add the parsley. Drain the pasta and toss it in the pan with the seafood . Garnish with the prawn on top of the pasta and serve.


Un primo piatto di pesce che stupirà tutti i palati!

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