Gratinée lobster with Mediterranean sauce


Diego Ponzoni

Other Ingredients

to taste pepper

to taste salt

8 g Fresh parsley

6 g fresh basil

30 g red onion

15 g Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

200 g sandwich loaf

6 Lobsters

for 6 people

Mix the bread crumbs with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and saffron powder.
Add the chopped parsley, 30g of oil, pepper and salt.
Drain the Soleggiati from its oil and roughly chop them.
Put them in a bowl with some basil and julienne of red onion.
Add some of the Soleggiati oil.
Halve the lobsters.
Cover the flesh with the saffron bread crumb mixture.
Cook the lobsters under the grill for one minute.
Finish in oven at 160° for about five minutes.
Fill a ramekin with the onion & Soleggiati relish.
Serve the gratiné lobsters with the prepared Mediterranean sauce.