Panna cotta with black tea in caramel sauce


Leonardo Pellacani

For 6 persons

Bring to the boil 500 g of fresh cream along with the milk and the tea bags, then remove from the heat and leave the mixture to flavour for fifteen minutes. Now remove the teabags and sprinkle the Menù powder mix, quickly whisking the ingredients together. Bring to the boil for another two minutes and finally pour the panna cotta into single portion semispherical moulds. Cool to room temperature, then put in the fridge for at least three hours. In the meantime prepare the caramel sauce by heating the sugar crystals along with the butter and a pinch of salt. Add also the remaining cream and bring the sauce to the boil and then leave it to cool. Remove the panna cotta portions from the moulds and put them in the middle of dessert dishes and decorate with the caramel and the crumbled Sbrisolona cake prepared beforehand with the Menù mix.