Truffled Ravioli with Scallops and fried Rocket


Tommaso Ruggieri

Other Ingredients

300 g. Flour 00

q.s. Water

200 g. Ricotta cheese

5 pz Fresh Scallops

N° 2 Egg yolks

q.s. Salt & Pepper

N° 1 Garlic Clove

20 g. Shallots

80 g. White wine

50 g. Rocket salad

q.b. Frying oil

250 g. Fresh heavy cream

10 g. Butter

50 g. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese , shaved

Serve 5

Prepare the dough by combining the flour with the water to create an elastic and homogeneous mixture, let it rest for about an hour at room temperature, then roll out thin sheets and cut them with a round cookie cutter with a diameter of 10 cm.  In a pan heat the Evoo, add  in the garlic and the finely chopped shallot, then add the scallops and sauté , deglaze with the white wine and season with salt and pepper, turn off the heat and let them to cool down. Once the scallops are cold, chopped them with a knife. In a bowl combine the egg yolk , the ricotta cheese, the Prataioli Mushroom  Paste with Truffle, adjust with salt and pepper and mix in the previously chopped scallops. With the mixture obtained stuff the previously prepared ravioli dough and close them gving them a long leaf shape. In the pan add in the butter , the heavy cream and bring to a boil , season with salt and pepper. In a pot cook the leaf shape dumplings in plenty of salted water, drain and serve them  in a soup bowl putting the cream sauce on the bottom, then garnish with the Truffle Carpaccio, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and some fried  rocket  salad.