Turmeric Bun with Quinoa Burger, Chopped Vegetables and Vegan Mayonnaise


Leonardo Pellacani

Other Ingredients

to taste Chopped parsley

to taste Vine tomatoes

to taste Gentile lettuce

60 g Potatoes

75 g Turmeric Bun

Serves 1

Boil the quinoa. Cook the potatoes in water in their skins. Once cooked, mash using a potato masher. Leave to cool, mix the mashed potatoes with the quinoa and add the Chopped Vegetables, chopped parsley and Potato Flakes. Season with salt and pepper. Leave to rest, then shape into hamburgers. Open the buns and heat them on a griddle. Toast the quinoa burger in a non-stick pan. Make up the hamburger with the quinoa burger topped with vegan mayonnaise, Gentile lettuce and sliced vine tomatoes.