Salsa di carciofi (Artichoke Sauce)

Delicate sauce made from carefully selected artichokes, ground and seasoned with oil and herbs. Special HPP processing enables the sauce to retain all the flavour and aroma of freshly prepared artichokes. It is dense and creamy in texture, ensuring top quality results, and the top-down squeeze bottle makes it quick and easy to use. Excellent as a filling for sandwiches or as a topping for gourmet pizzas. The sauce pairs particularly well with cheese spreads on pasta
dishes, oven-baked pasta and meat-based main courses.


Menù Evolution Fresh

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Salsa di carciofi (Artichoke Sauce) 500 g nt. wt.

500 g nt. wt.500 g nt. wt.

Top-down squeeze bottle

Storage: 4 months at +0/4 °C

Gluten-free Naturally free of lactose Vegan