Branzino fillet with citrus, sea asparagus, Pizzutello coulis and mullet bottarga


Maurizio Ferrari

Serves 1

We cut the fillet in three pieces, meanwhile we heat up some extra virgin olive oil in a saute pan. We season the branzino with salt and pepper and we add it to the pan skin side down until crispy, we turn the fish on the other side for one more minute or until it's cooked throught. In a second pan we add the citrus fruit pesto with a little water to disolve it, now we add the sea asparagus and we mix it well to warm it up for just  a minute. We place the vegetables in the center of a plate, we place the fish on top of it, we drizzle with the tomato coulis, few olives and a sprinkle of  bottarga. We finish the dish with some extra virgin olive oil and a grilled half lemon.