Roasted veal with nettles


Leonardo Pellacani



Other Ingredients

N˚1 Garlic

N˚1 Onion

N˚1 Carrots

N˚1 Celery

q.s. Aromatic herbs

q.s. Rosemary

60 ml. White wine

10 g. Butter

1 kg. Veal meat, open up like a book

N˚ 4 Eggs

Serve 6

Place the the opened veal meat on a parchment paper, prepare an omelette and place it in the center of the meat. Roll up the veal, tying it with kitchen string and season with Herb salt. Brown the meat over high heat in oil, with the chopped onion, celery and carrot, a clove of garlic and aromatic herbs, deglaze with the  white wine. Gradually add the broth and cook the veal for about 50/60 minutes, covering it with a lid. Once cold, cut it into slices and serve it with the blended sauce.