Tortelloni with hemp pesto and cheese and bacon fondue


Leonardo Pellacani

Other Ingredients

to taste chives

to taste nutmeg

to taste white wine

180 g matured bacon

330 g fresh egg pasta

440 g fresh cow's ricotta cheese

for 6 persons

Prepare the filling by mixing the ricotta cheese with the hemp pesto, the parmigiano reggiano and the nutmeg. Lay the egg pasta in thin layers. Cut rectangles of pasta, put the filling on top and make the tortelloni. Cook the tortelloni in abundant salted water. In the meantime toss the bacon cut into strips in a frying pan. Simmer with a drop of white wine until it is reduced. Add the cream of cheeses, diluting with a little water from cooking the pasta. When the tortelloni are cooked, toss them in the sauce. Dish up and serve, decorating with the chives.