Arrosto di maiale(Roasted pork loin)

Roast loin pork with an aromatic herb crust, browned in the oven and cooked slowly at a low temperature under vacuum. Vacuum cooking preserves the meat’s juices and flavours which are released while cooking, enhancing the meat’s original taste without the need for flavour enhancers. Sliced thinly and served with tuna sauce, it makes for a quick and light main course. Cut thickly and served warm with sauces such as demi-glace, brown stock or even vegetable sauces, it makes for the perfect roast pork dish. It is also excellent in salads due to its light herb flavour.



Product packs


Arrosto di maiale(Roasted pork loin) 2000 g – Vacuum-packed aluminium bag

2000 g – Vacuum-packed aluminium bag2000 g – Vacuum-packed aluminium bag

1 unit/packet

Gluten-free Naturally free of lactose Does not contain hydrogenated fats