Roasted pork loin with badius and mashed potatoes


Leonardo Pellacani

Serve 6

Slice the Roasted Pork Loin and brown it in a pan with a little evoo for few minutes. In the main time prepare the Demi Glace following the instructions on the package. In a saucepan boil 250 ml of salted water  add the milk, add in the potato Fiokki, when the purée has reached a creamy consistency, stir in the butter and grated parmiggiano reggiano cheese. Sauté the Gran Boletus mushrooms in a pan with oil, garlic and parsley. Compose the dish with the  slices of roasted pork loin and the Demi Glace. Add the Gran Boletus Mushrooms into a small bowl and with the help of a piping bag the mashed potato into another bowl . Garnish with pomegranate , colored pepper and a sprig of rosemary.