Black Angus Bresaola Carpaccio with smoked burrata and truffle


Diego Ponzoni



Other Ingredients

240 g. Bresaola Black Angus

360 g. Burrata cheese

q.s. Fresh Dill

Serve 6

To smoke the burrata: in a bowl add in the drained burrata. Insert the smoker tube and close it with cling film. Insert the wood shavings into the smoker chamber and turn it on using a lighter. As soon as the bowl is full of smoke, turn off the smoker and leave the burrata covered for no more than 2 minutes. Remove the film, mix the burrata and with the help of a pastry mold, place it in the center of the plate. Add few sprigs of fresh dill and top it with the thinly slices of ​​Black Angus bresaola. Arrange few slices of truffle Carpaccio on top and drizzle with truffle oil.

For table service: cover the bresaola carpaccio with a glass cloche. Turn on the smoker as described in the recipe and fill it with smoke. Serve immediately at the table and uncover the cloche in front of the customer.

Equipment needed: smoker, wood shavings, glass cloche.