Crisp pork fillet with truffle and mashed chestnut


Barbara Benvenuti

Season the slices of pork with salt with herbs. Let it stand.

Roll out the puff pastry.

Cut out circles of pastry which need to be bigger than the medallions.

Place the medallions of pork onto the pastry.

Spread a little Crema con Tartufo onto the meat.

Then top with another circle of pastry bring up the edges of the pastry on the bottom and seal with the top circle to create a case.

Bake at 180° for about half an hour.

Chop up the whole chestnuts. (Leaving 6 for garnish)

Prepare the mashed potatoes, mixing Potato flakes, milk and 750ml of hot water.

To this mixture, add the finely chopped whole chestnuts and some of its brine. Keeping 6 to one side for decoration.

Arrange the medallions.

Serve with the mixture of mashed potatoes and garnished with a whole chestnut.