Pieces of swordfish with squid ink, shrimps, Soleggiati Sun Blushed Tomatoes and grilled artichokes


Tommaso Ruggieri

Other Ingredients

one clove of garlic



12 g shallot


chopped bran

60 g squid ink

18 fresh shrimps

900 g pieces of swordfish

Shell the shrimps and wash them carefully under running water.
Coat the fillets of swordfish in the semola.
Heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan.
Add the shallots and the unpeeled clove of garlic.
Add the fish and brown gently both sides.
Simmer with white wine.
Add the Fish broth and the squid ink.
Sauté the shrimps in extra virgin oil and the Soleggiati.
Pour a circle of squid ink onto the plate and add the pieces of swordfish.
Top with the shrimps and the Soleggiati.
Quickly sauté the Grilled artichokes.
Serve with the grilled artichoke some Soleggiati and a sprinkle of chopped parsley.