Roasted Turkey with artichokes


Gianluca Galliera

Other Ingredients

200 g. Ham, thick sliced

q.s. Pepper

q.s. Salt

q.s. Garlic

q.s. Red Currant

q.s. Parsley

q.s. Rosemary

10 g. Mint

2 Fresh artichokes, cleaned

50 g. Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese

4 Eggs

200 g. White wine

300 g. Pork meat, minced

180 g. Pancetta

600 g. Turkey Breast

Serve 6

Cut open the turkey breast and between two sheets of parchment paper flatten it with the help of a meat tenderizer, to obtain a 0.5 cm thick slice of meat. In a bowl, beat 3 eggs together with the chopped mint; season with salt and pepper and with the mixture obtained, make an omelette. Work the minced pork with the Artichoke Hearts Gransalsa, the Fiokki, 1 egg and the grated Parmiggiano cheese; add salt and pepper, mixing carefully. Line a sheet of parchment paper with the pancetta slices ,arranged in a fishbone pattern, then add on top the turkey meat, season with the Herb Salt. Stuff the turkey by placing the slices of  ham, the omelette and the artichoke-meat filling on top, spread it over the entire surface of the meat. Lifting the sheet of parchment paper, roll up the roast, tie it  up with a string and season the outside with more herb salt. Transfer the roast into a baking dish adding a little oil, the Mirepoix, garlic and rosemary. Brown the roast over high heat and deglaze with the white wine; let it evaporate. Bake it in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about an hour and twenty minutes, adding some broth during the cooking. In the meantime, sauté the sliced ​​fresh artichokes with a clove of garlic and oil, adding salt and pepper. Serve the Roasted Turkey cut into thin slices accompanied by the sauce ,obtained from the blended cooking liquid, for a smooth sauce. Garnish with the sautéed artichokes, mint leaves and red currant.