Leonardo Pellacani

For 6 persons

Prepare the fish broth using the Menù product in the doses and manner shown on the package. After having taken the skin and bones off, move the slice of salmon into a baking pan which you have already greased with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Flavor the fish fillet using salt with herbs and a grinding of pink pepper, then cover the surface with the almond sauce; then cook in the oven at 180°C for twenty minutes. In the meantime, with the saucepan on the fire water down the white roux with a ladle of fish broth; bring the mix to a boil and flavor it using the powder mix with saffron and the ground pink pepper. Spread the saffron sauce on the bottom of the dish and place the salmon slice on it. Decorate with a few tufts of fresh fennel and serve.

As an alternative to Fish Broth, you can use the liquid of Èmazzancolle or Èmaremix.


A simple and very taste plate with ALMOND MENU' SAUCE.

In a few steps Chef Leonardo explains us how to prepare this fish dish.